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04:24pm 08/09/2005
  I got my tongue pierced! I cant talk very well!

Im not a teenager anymore! yeah !!!! go 20!!!!!!!
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07:54am 01/07/2005
  hey guys,
Let me give you an update, some bad news....
Last might I was in a really bad car accident, on the I 10 soth of Casa Grande, I was driving to Bisbee. The Ac in my red miata broke, so my dad let me borrow his truck. I was going down the highway like 80mph, and I could see in the distance that a semi had moved i to the lane i n front of me. There was probably more then a quarter mile. I had plently of tim e to react. I put m y foot on the brake, and the truck sped up. I had a lot of time...I even looked down at my feet to make sure I had the brake....nithing was hapenning. anaways...I rammed my dads truck into the back and underneath the semi, the semi drag my dads truck probably for another quarter mile. When the semi finally stopped..the front of the truck, and the whole engine compartment came and pushed into the cab of the truck, and pinned my legs unger the steering compartment. The windsheild smashed in on my knuckles...by the way im typing with one hand....this is taking a long time...anaywas ther was another accident right in front of me on the hoghway, so ther were plenty of people to help me get out of the truck. anaways...i CALLED SOME People in tucson to come get me un til my parents got there. since the drive from phoenix is an hour and a half. anaways...imfine I didnt go to the hostital... I had 4 peices of glass in my hand...and some stuck ine the back of my left leg. Thank goodness Im first aide cerftified....didnt really help though...ha. My right thumb, is real bad it got bent really bad from the airbag...not broken though. my knuckles are cut up and swolen. my nose was bleeding....its done now. my legs- knees and chins are cut up and scraped a little.other then bruises from the seatbelt...thats about all the injury. Im fine I walked away. The truck is another story......There is no question..the truck is totaled......it kinda looks bent in half....kinda silly.....I am still going to bisbee for the weekend... so I wont be in phoenix. calle me if you qant. Im fine.

love ya guys
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09:19pm 13/06/2005
  ...summer school sucks!  
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09:37pm 10/06/2004
  I had my bank of America interview today, It was a 3 HOUR interview and I think that it went kinda good. I mean I didn't WOW then, but I am sure thAt I was not as bad as some other people in that room. one of the girls could not speak any english, and then there was another girl that looked like she was 12...that was wierd.  
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11:35pm 27/05/2004
  I am watching the wierdest move BUFFALO 88 I havent decided what I think of it yes....It seems somewhat artistic. OK i have to finish it now  
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01:31pm 23/05/2004
  Ok so my mom is the biggest bitch to ever walk this earth. Amanda and Travis were over and after she leaves.. my mom says "The weekends are my time and this house has been full all weekend, if you want to have people over then you need to have them over when I am at work." Oh my gosh this fucking bitch! I have been working my ass off for her and her shitty anaversiary. I have already spend $400 on her ungreatful ass...and now I am forced to sell my one things to get even more for her. Fuck that! She doesen't even know how good she has it. I am the best fucking kid she ever had. So anaways she is sitting next to me and she says something again about it being HER time and how she can't get anything done when there are people over here. She can't do the things that she wants to do. Oh and the part that pissed me off is that she said thatShe had to babysis my friend this weekend...she was talking about doing something as hard as showing Tiffany where the cereal was. You BABYSAT-I don't fuckung think so Bitch! She does one little thing for someone elese and she thinks she spent a year saving starving children in Burkina Faso. Fucking IDIOT!. She can't do anything for anyone elese. So tell me why am I doing all this for her. So at this point I am telling her to shut up. And oh my gosh this is where the shit hit the fen... "Don't you tell me to shut up..." and she goes on to tell me how much she does for me. Fuck that...Just last week we were shopping and I wanted something...she said she wasen't buying it...I bought it for myself. And then later she says that she spent 80 dollars on me...um no she didn't the 80 dollars was spent all on herself. I took care of myself. Yeah and the screaming goes on and then when I am walking away from her she says that I am on my own. Damn fucking right I am on my own. SHe has made me feel on my own for a long time. And then she says that I am going to have to start paying for my own school. It was like she had been waiting for me to fight with her so that she could have a reason to stop paying. and then when I am about to slam the door, I say back to her "fine then I will just drop out, get some STD and live in a dumpster and kill myself." oh yeah and this was the best part. she says " What you do is not my problem" Yeah thats right I am not her problem anymore, she doesn't need any more problems like me around! Well fuck that Fuch her ... I will not be here on the weekends anymore...this is my first weekend home and this is how it goes, not any more. Im leaving.  
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12:30am 22/05/2004
  YAY! Amanda and I making her ugly furniture pretty for her new apartment and we had a Home Depot excursion and we made things pretty and now she has a pretty tv stand.
im a loser
and im fat
and ilike pigs and i have dingle berries

amanda is the best!
amanda eats my dingle berrie
if you dont know what a dingle berrie is, look it up in the DICKtionary!
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09:26am 12/05/2004
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06:33pm 11/05/2004
mood: crappy

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01:19pm 23/04/2004
  thanks guys

I am telling her that I hate her to night
02:01am 23/04/2004
  Oh my god I hate my roomate so much!

she just came in here....and knocked on the door, i was sleeping and she made me come lert her in...I dont know why she didn't have her keys......

I have to wake up in 4 hours and now I completelty awake.......

so let me tell you more on the reasons why I hate her...

she is in a slutty sorority
all of her friends are sluts
she chewes really loud
she smells
she sits on my bed all the time
her friends sit on my bed
her friends use my bed as a couch and they eat and get crums everywhere
she drinks all of my water bottles....
the takes one sip of a drink and the wastes the rest....when i bought them
she doesn't take showers
she talks about me behind my back
she blames her broken foot on me
she is a slob
the biggest words in her vocabulary are like totally and oh my gosh!
she is inconserdiate when i am sleeping, or doing homework
she has gained 20 pounds and still thinks she wears a size 6
she is spoiled and thinks that she is poor
she is cheap with all the money she has
She has a bad habit of scratchging her head
she can't have music on when she is in the room
she makes me change the channel to her fav show
she made me sleep on the top bunk...
and now her bed covers half of mine making me uncomfatable.
she talks shit about people that are her best friends.
she cheats
she keeps alachol in our room(this could get ME evicted)
she smokes
her ring tone is britney spears -toxic
she eats Chipotle everyday and always talks bout it.
she farts
when she is stressed out i am not supposed to be in the room
she has made me cry
she is fake
she wears gucci sunglasses
she ONLY wears tiffanys jewelery
her perfume makes me sneeze
se is just plain inconseridate!

I hate her so much

I cant wait to go home!

I am going insame
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02:04am 09/04/2004
  TRhese are all so funny....you have to see them all!!!






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01:42am 09/04/2004
  ok........so I me my husband last week

with a french accent...he is from Quebec
H e is an RA in my dorm....oh yeah baybee

I met him in the laundry room.....

I know nothing is gonna come of this, but its nice to think about it

were just friends.......but I can change that just give me time
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01:40am 09/04/2004
  ahhh 3 essays due next week!  
01:08pm 25/03/2004
  I am coming home in 15 days!

Easter is coming!

ok everyone...I am doing the MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS walk on april 4th and I have to raise $100 by then!

Spongor me....all the money will go to research
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10:50am 14/03/2004
  Ok yeah I know sorry....

I am comming home tomorrow! FINALLY!

Not to much fun time though...I have a 10 pg paper due on monday the 22nd!!!!
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01:07pm 16/02/2004
  I am so stressed out with school, I feel like ther is so much more to do this semester....Maybe it is because I am working now ...but I don't even work that much.....
My parents might come see me this weekend
How do I post pics to my LJ?
I have so much to show you guys!
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02:40pm 06/02/2004
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02:13pm 26/12/2003
  this is so funny!

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09:22pm 12/12/2003
  only 7 more days!  
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